Again with us the version of the worm, only this time you will fall into the world of full of large and small microbes. Agar Io is an addictive multiplayer game, so you can compete with other players around the world. The baby bacterium manifests its own skill and bursts of crumbs. Each crumb adds weight, size, growth to your bacteria. While the bacterium has not strengthened it is necessary to bypass the side of viruses more. In such large bacteria there is a danger. Play in Agario, and when your bacterium grows, it can eat large representatives of enemies. Use some tricks in the game, so you can reduce the bacteria if it gets stuck in two cells by clicking on the “blank”. Use the – W key to lure another player to him and eat him too. You can deploy the game in full screen by clicking on the “Expand” sign below the game screen to move around the map. Merry adventures in!