Shell Shockers


Shell Shockers io- Choose your soldier and go into battle. In the main menu you need to choose one of the three soldiers. Each of them owns different weapons: an assault rifle, a shotgun and a sniper rifle. When choosing a weapon, count on what style you prefer to play. Sniper rifle is great for safely sitting in cover, and with a shotgun, on the contrary, you have to get to the enemy almost right. Also the damage of weapons varies. The strongest shotgun, and the weakest machine, but it shoots much faster than another weapon. There are no friends on the map and you need to shoot at all the eggs that you see. If you die, you will appear in a few seconds in a random place.


W A S D – walk
Left mouse button – shoot
E – change weapons
R – reloading

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  1. pun says:

    i think i played this game but if i did play this game that mean it is cool becuse i was working at a game companey.

  2. torres says:

    awesome shooting game

  3. gang says:

    this game is gang related

  4. OOF says:


  5. BrianT says:

    Awesome game! Good quality but it sometimes glitches

  6. lil pump says:

    gang gang gang gang

  7. papi says:

    its not loading for me wtf

  8. micheal says:

    this game is litttt bitches

  9. jessie hickman says:


  10. i nutted says:


  11. DADDY says:

    It not loading SAD

  12. FCanime says:


  13. analeah says:

    i hate this game it won’t work

  14. mikehawk says:

    jonothan ortega

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